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There are many affiliate programs out there saying they have got the Nr.1 Backgammon software or absolutely the best conversion there is. However there is a big difference between all these programs.
Before you read one our following reviews keep in mind the pointers below. Here we discuss the 4 main programs.
- Targeting Poker players
First of all there are companies like Partypartners and Primepartners offering many games under 1 account. Depending on the traffic you have this can be good or bad. When you are targeting poker players and then try to convert them to PartyGammon you are going to have a problem because a big part of your poker players allready have an account at Party somewhere. We then suggest BGroom.
- Targeting New online players
On the other hand when your visitors are relativly new to the online gaming world it is a plus to show them hosts like PartyGammon and PrimeBackgammon because you can add the fact that they can also play a poker or casino game at the same account.
- Targeting Experienced Backgammon players
Off course quality content is the way to keep high level backgammon players returning to your website. Other ways to go might be adding a forum or community to your website and start up discussion about specific situations in the game. Make sure you keep the information regarding special bonusses up to date as well.
Obviously it is important to keep in mind if the region your visitors are from is accepted at the rooms you are promoting. Especially for US affiliates important to look out for. But remember Backgammon is often considered a skill game and therefor more accepted in countries.
NO US PLAYERS FROM: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Tennessee, Vermont.
BGroom started their Backgammon room in 2006. Late 2007 BGroom started running daily freerolls what got activity up in the rooms, it also got conversion up for affiliates. On average there are in between 500 and 1,000 players online, of which about 15% is playing backgammon for real money.
+ Daily Freerolls (worth $10,000 / month)
+ $50-$100 CPA
The website is currently available in 12 languages covering most of Europe, The Americas and the Middle East. Banners are also available in many different languages, shapes and sizes. On request specific bonus material can attained. Promoting freerolls is very effective.
Payments plans
Revenue share and CPA is both possible at BGroom and also both open for negotiation. Revenue share is 25-40 % according to their website and CPA ranges from $50 to $100 depending on the website and results. BGroom pays on the 10th of the following month.
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PartyGaming is most known because of their brand Party Poker but added multiple other gaming and gambling products to their portfolio. PartyGammon is one of the newer products, they started it in 2006. In 2007 they kicked of by sponsoring the PartyGammon Million, held on the Bahamas.
+ Combination other products: Poker, Casino, Betting...
+ Reliable brand name
The website of PartyGammon is good looking and feels comfortable. It is not available in many languages but PartyGaming focused on Scandanavia especially. They translated the site into Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian. This makes sense looking at the fact it is allready very popular in Denmark and these countries have the money to spent. Unfortunately marketing material is not available in these languages but English is well understood in Northern Europe. On average there are around 1,000 players online of which about 40% is playing for money.
Payment Plans
Party is not very generous in paying out their affiliates. Allthough they might make up for it in conversion for some, CPA starting at $35 and Revenue share of 20% is just to low. When you are generating some traffic this will off course improve. Very nice extra is the Bonanza bonus plan that pops up in your account every once a while. It is a personalized bonus system that might give you $300 bonus when referring 3 real money players in that month.
What used to be TCads is now PrimePartners. They make it possible to promote PrimeBackgammon and Play 65 through 1 account. Besides backgammon they also offer PrimePoker, PrimeCasino and PrimeScrathCards.
+ 13,000 players online
+ $50,000 tournaments
Besides the fact that the Play 65 is available in 17 different languages the program is also very well known. They are the biggest backgammon room online with over 10,000 players online on average and over 13,000 at peek hours. To promote their room many big tournaments are sponsored and entry's can be won through playing at Play 65 and PrimeBackgammon. This way many small tournaments get started at any time.
Payments plans
Primepartners offers a CPA and a Revenue share plan for as well PrimeBackgammon as Play 65. CPA ranges from $40 to $80. Revenue starts at 20% up to 35%.
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NO US PLAYERS FROM: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Montana & Vermont
The way to promote GammonEmpire is to sign up at Their website might look kind of outdated... because it is. The most recent newsletter on the website is from february '07. This does say something about the program and the company. The good thing is GammonEmpire uses the same software as Play 65 and PrimeBackgammon and therefore does have a lot of players online.
+ Fancy looking website
+ 13,000 players online
Lay-out website GammonEmpire is very fancy, this might help conversion sometimes. They also clearly promote the fact that they offer a backgammon school. A computer teacher that helps you click the right buttons, a good thing when you have beginning backgammon players visiting your website.
Payment plans
The payment plans GammonAffiliates offers on their website are not the best. There is off course always room for negotiating but a $20-$30 CPA and 20-25% Revenue share are not where you like to start. Extra is the Cost Per Fun Player (CPL) they offer. Receive $0.5 - $1.5 per free registration. Might be interesting when conversion to depositor is getting real low and numbers of fun remain high.
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