Backgammon Rules

Backgammon History

Ancient backgammon bord

The board game backgammon has been played for thousands of years. World leaders and emperors played backgammon as a symbol of their status and their aristocracy.

Ancient Times
Ancient Backgammon board
History tells us that founding fathers of the Egyptians, Romans, Sumerians and Persians started playing several types of backgammon. After these eras a long time went by withouth the game until it got rediscovered in England in the 17th century. Around 1920 the game changed when the doubling cube was added to the game. In the 70s the game got to become real popular and tournaments were played throughout the world. This popularityy declined when the internet came up in de 80s. Ironicaly it is the internet this time that is bringing the game popularity again.
"Back" "Gammon"
How the word backgammon was created is not entirely sure. Some say that it is derived from the word "beac" meaning back, en "gamen" which stands for game. Others say that it comes from "back" meaning small, en "gammon" meaning fight.

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