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Backgammon Chouette - playing backgammon with three players and more!

Chouette is a version of backgammon where it is possible to play with three players or more. The speed of this game is very high and the doubbling cube is important. Overall most of the rules of backgammon apply. There are some small changes.
To start the game each player throws a dice. The player rolling the highest dice is now called the Box and he plays the other players as one team. The one with the second highest dice is the captain of this team. Every new game all players rotate one position. The player with the highest dice has to throw again to start his first turn. So don't use the dice allready thrown like backgammon.
When the Box beats the team he gets point from every player on that team. The other way when the team beats the box they all get points individually from the Box.
Doubling Cube
The team can negotiate about their plays. In the end the captain decides. In case of using the doubling cube every player is on his own and can accept or offer the cube independant of his or her team.
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