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City of Venice 2007 - Win an entry in a 10.000 euro Play65 backgammon tournament

From the 29th of November till the 2nd of December Play65 and the WBA will be hosting the 19th City of Venice International Backgammon Tournament.
What you can win?
You can win a price including a flight to Venice, a 5 day stay at the "Sofitel Venezia", some pocket money and off course an entry to the 10.000 euro garanteed Backgammon tournament
How can you win?
You can win this price package by winning the ITALY tournament play65 is having online from October 20th untill November 10th. The entry is 44 euros. Off course there are also satelites to get into this tournament starting as low as 0.69 euros.
Location: Venice
Pricemoney: 10.000 euro garanteed added pricemoney
Entry: Join satelites from 0.69 euros
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