Backgammon Rules

Backgammon Strategy - Learn the basics of playing Smart Backgammon

Don't bring your checkers home too soon
When you try to bring all your checkers to your home field as fast as possible you take a risk of losing usability of your checkers. The checkers in the homefield are waiting to be bear off, and until that time have no function in the game. They also can not function as a buffer anymore in case of bad luck with the dice.


Don't be afraid!
Especially for beginners it feels safe to make points and not leave open shots. The problem is that it is not possible to play a good game of backgammon withouth taking any risk at any moment of the game. Therefor it is best to take some risk early on in the game so you can use the gained position throughout the rest of the game.
Run! Right?
When you are behind in the game you might feel the need to try and run even harder. Better is to leave checkers behind so you might get the chance to hit your opponent. This way he gets slowed down which gives you the time to get your checkers home.
Deciding whether or not to hit an opponents checkers is very hard. Keep in mind the position of the opponents checker, this is very important. Is the checker far on the field, almost home, then it will loose more pips by getting hit. Also consider the situation in your own home field. This is where the opponent is going to try and bring his checker in again. An old backgammon saying is: "when in doubt, hit!"

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